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My miracle raspberry did it again!

Some distress a few weeks ago was immediately stopped by the milk baths.

Not only it grew new flowers which are about to become fruit, but the old fruit that stopped growing is now ripening sweetly!

And the orange pixies are starting to orange.

Plus one of the big tomatoes from the mystery breeds from the Green Thumb giveaway

But there are lots of tomatoes coming up.


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On the roof, the miracle raspberry’s first harvest failed.

An affliction filled the leaves with small holes – and there are some dry leaves underneath. Still, since I started the ilk therapy, the plant overcame and new flowers are blooming

Also upstairs, the first gogosar – everything is so early this year!

Downstairs, in Dias Y Flores, the un-planted tomatoes (came from compost?) are starting

and the invading wineverries keep ripening gorgeously

All in all, a great summer!.

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It rained the past few days so I didn’t go upstairs.

While I wasn’t loking

lots of things happened

The scarlet runners that the girls planted are in bloom

There is a bud on my gogosar

some tiny tomatoes

and the raspberries are growing (although the leaves have a problem)


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Upstairs, the raspberry is starting to produce buds

It’s later than last year, but the cold weather might have had a role.

Downstairs, the wineberries are full of buds,

some of which had opened

.Also, some wild strawberries are coming in

I had propped up the wineberries and potato in the garden – the rain yesterday toppled them down.

.It’s strange how everything is so behind last year. considering the very warm March and April we had. I guess a cold week in May canceled it all.

I ordered some more wild strawberries seed. If it comes in time, I’ll have the gardening club plant then and follow them up.

.Sometimes last night it must have rained. There was no need for me to water anything today.


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Today we started the children’s plot at Dias Y Flores.

The kids prepped the soil – digging and adding compost

.After that, they planted a wineberry bush

,some strawberries


,and some chives

.The morning glories seeds planted last week sprouted by the garden fence
.and also, the scarlet runners on the roof
.This is the “before” shot of our roof. Once the beansĀ  will grow they’ll be visible from the street

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I transplanted my raspberry in a bigger pot a few days ago

It’s doing way better than my hands that suffered a bit

because of the pulling the plant out of the old pot.

I also planted some gogosar and tomato seedlings from the cold frame and one of the cloned

wineberries from the plot

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We started our session on the roof where we planted scarlet runner beans

.along the roof fence facing 1st Avenue

.this way, when the beans will start climbing

.they’ll be visible to them from the street

when they leave school

.Later we went to the garden and planted morning glory seeds

also along the fence

.and now we’ll wait for them to come up


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