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Gardening club, roof

The purple beans the girls planted are growing beautifully

in the garden as well

and my gogosar

Here’s an earlier shot with the school as background and the flowers

and the flowers again, with a pod


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On the roof, the miracle raspberry’s first harvest failed.

An affliction filled the leaves with small holes – and there are some dry leaves underneath. Still, since I started the ilk therapy, the plant overcame and new flowers are blooming

Also upstairs, the first gogosar – everything is so early this year!

Downstairs, in Dias Y Flores, the un-planted tomatoes (came from compost?) are starting

and the invading wineverries keep ripening gorgeously

All in all, a great summer!.

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The wineberries are ripe!

Victor and I went

took some photos

and ate. All this (and the 3 plants on the roof) came from that one little plant I rescued last summer in Van Courtlandt Park.

A nice way to start the summer!

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The scarlet runner and one morning glory are in bloom

the red flowers are open now

and the tomatoes are growing

and turning orange. This is the plant I saved with the milk

Downstairsm the wineberries are coming out of their thorny cocoon

and starting to ripen


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They were small, they were not too sweet

and only two gardeners were in the city this Memorial Day weekend.

Still it’s official! The gardening club had its first harvest!

.Many more! Actually the scarlet runners (beans) on the roof are preparing its first flowers


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Calling all gardeners!

While you slept, 3 strawberries you planted are ripening for you! Latest possible day for pick up – Saturday! Make it celebratory!

Also, not that cooler weather allowed plants to perk up, here are the scarlet runners you planted as beans only a month ago

.one of them is already on the fence

.also, everything you planted in the garden is doing well




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The latest harvest

The watermellon was pretty good!


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