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The raspberry I saved from Dias y Flores burial by compost

and has been growing this summer and repayed me with 2 harvests

But in October, I failed going on the roof for a while, and someone overturned its pot – and it stayed that way for a while.

It looked as it died,

but a few weeks of loving care later, it’s back again – new leaves and all

And there are more gogosar coming

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We all went in for the party

in the garden decorated for the occasion


by Bob


and partied


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Halloween party

Electricity denied, Bob aggravated, decorations slapped on in haste in the last minute by Carolyn…

and this is what it was that I an testing how quotes work on this one so I need to write more and more and moore

All these attempts didn’t manage to put a damper on a great party. While the Kids Parade at the Neighborhood school was a bust – they didn’t get park permit and ended walking around the block, ours was great!

Kids roasted marshmallows

Vampire bit

and chicken clucked

while masks made music

and strange people at the door

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