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Yesterday, we went to the NY Mycological society extra walk

We found some chickens so old, they looked like hens

It was Boongo who had the remarkable find: he rolled in something so foul, we had to wash her in a pond,

an ocean,(Victor about to fall on his kneews into the water here0

a stream and finally in a bath to get the stink off

But we also found tree ears and algae by the ocean

while others found blewets, aborted enteloma and a hen.
The place was beautiful
and it was the NYC Marathon Day too – but we didn’t run into any runners
Boongo got his chance to be on a beach
the No Dogs allowed sign was there, but being off season…
Then we went into the bus to the ferry
then on the ferry – where Boongo was allowed to roam out of the carrier – in the leash – and then the train home.
During the trip we appreciated the comfort of having cell phones – I called Victor when I got lost while washing Boongo. Then Maya called us when she got lost in Brooklyn, coming back from Mae – by taking the train in the wrong direction.
All ended well.

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The annual edible tour was held today.

We started in Dias y Flores where

the yew was very popular

We moved in Campos garden

which has blossomed in the past year

Next stop: Plaza Cultural

where alcohol inkies were found (the name is to remind eaters not to consume alcohol within 48 hours)

Then some crab apples

We proceeded towards the river, finding epizote on the way

then some lamb quarter

and wild lettuce.

A good time was had by all.

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