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On the roof, the miracle raspberry’s first harvest failed.

An affliction filled the leaves with small holes – and there are some dry leaves underneath. Still, since I started the ilk therapy, the plant overcame and new flowers are blooming

Also upstairs, the first gogosar – everything is so early this year!

Downstairs, in Dias Y Flores, the un-planted tomatoes (came from compost?) are starting

and the invading wineverries keep ripening gorgeously

All in all, a great summer!.


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The wineberries are ripe!

Victor and I went

took some photos

and ate. All this (and the 3 plants on the roof) came from that one little plant I rescued last summer in Van Courtlandt Park.

A nice way to start the summer!

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The scarlet runner and one morning glory are in bloom

the red flowers are open now

and the tomatoes are growing

and turning orange. This is the plant I saved with the milk

Downstairsm the wineberries are coming out of their thorny cocoon

and starting to ripen


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It rained the past few days so I didn’t go upstairs.

While I wasn’t loking

lots of things happened

The scarlet runners that the girls planted are in bloom

There is a bud on my gogosar

some tiny tomatoes

and the raspberries are growing (although the leaves have a problem)


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this is the soundtrack

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