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Morning Glories

Some of the shots of the Dias y Flores morning glories

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Morning glories and Moon

the moment night and day meet on a few eerie photos



and the morning glories started in Dias y Flores too (day 3)

so far one a day

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Garden party

The August party had everything:






and eating


lots of fun!

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Morning glories are blossoming daily

The watermellon is growing – I think a new one showed up today

the miracle raspberry that I revived from dead is growing like crazy

and even one of the giant tomatoes I had given up on rewarded me with a fruit

In Dias y Flores the digging is stalled, but the garden seems to burst over the fence, but on my plot eberything is growing great

More later

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In Dias y Flores the digging prigressed yesterday

almost stretching along the entire building

On the roof, my morning glories are blooming

and buzzing with bees

Maya harvested lots of tomatoes yesterday

and I got a watermellon!

While in Dias y Flores all my transplants are happy

those being the wineberry and one eggplant I grew from seed. And I had been eating wild strawberries every single day since my birthday!

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Edibles tour

This morning Victor started the gardens edible wild plants tour.

The tour started in our garden with a small group that grew bigger as we moved along.

We stopped in Vamos Sembrar on Avenue B

then took a long walk on the perimeter of El Sol Brilliante on 12 street where we were joined by 2 of their gardeners

then stopped by Campos garden next to Maya’s school – also on 12th

and ended it it at Stuyvesant Cove

where we only had one blackberry to share – but as in all other places we discovered new interesting things.

A good time was had by all!

More photos here

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It seems yesterday they started digging the gardenfor the construction project

– and it seems they found mostly bricks.

In the nicer side of life – my morning glories on the roof started blooming – this is day 2

And the watermellon I planted as a seed on my birthday has flowers

I transplanted my small “giant tomato” plant in the garden, 3 peppers and 2 eggplants back in the plot – all doing fine!

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