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In Dias Y Flores a few days ago, a notice thatb the construction is starting went out.

Yesterday a fence went up


but the permit has yet to materialize
Meanwhile my transplants are doing well.
The morning glory I took out of the tree pot is cheerful again

after mere hours of sulking
And the gogosari in the garden seem OK



At least for now
The soil of the one I transplanted last night was hot – I think those plastic containers – not good for them

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Today was a cooler, rainy day. I decided to move the wineberry in the garden and the raspberry in the pot

where the wineberry was (with draining stuff on the bottom.

They were both showing tinges of brown on the leaves, the raspberry a bit pale too. We’ll see.

before the transplant I took some pictures both upstairs

this shows how rich my karma spell morning glory grew

the watermellon seed I planted on my birthday

and downstairs

this shows n eggplant, the cukes climbing up over the morning glories and the gogosar
The morning glory from the roof



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Catching up

vertical gardening downstairs

and a lush view of the whole Dias

gogosari upstairs

More soon

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Garden Party

A poetry and music party in Dias Y flores yesterday

with guests from far

and close

Cooking and playing music – sometimes at the same time

and juggling too

To see the rest of the pictures from the party
go here and here

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Catching up

When we went to Van Cortlandt park some 10 days ago, I was looking at the wineberries and wishing for a small plant to take home. Within minutes, one with the roots half out showed up

It was soft several hours later vy the time we got home – but perked up

The raspberry looks beautiful now

with its new set of leaves.
The watermellon seed I planted on my birthday sprouted

it’s way bigger now, with specific leaves
There are gogosar growing now there

and giant tomatoes may come too

But mostly, there are good moments that I had there – better than even in the downstairs garden


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Two days ago, hours after I took this picture

as I came with Victor and Maya to harvest the first tomatoes on Fourth of July – I found that someone picked them ahead of me.

Today, it was the morning glory – growing in the big pots that got uprooted,

chopped or taken off the fence. I now know who is the crazy man doing this.

I left a karma spell on the last morning glory (expectations denied)

And I decided to change my outlook about all this as I seem to run into crazies wherever I go.

I savedĀ  (I hope) one of the morning glories – and moved in the garden. Where the raspberry Carolyn killed used to be (that one is thriving on the roof)

So, lower expectations – happy when something doesn’t get vandalized.

I picked 2 tomatoes barely red. No taking any chances.

I was in Van Cortlandt today – wishing I’d find a little wineberry plant to take with me. Within seconds – I saw an uprooted one. It’s in a pot on the roof. Life goes on!

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