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The tomatoes are still yellowing –

but the tips are still healthy

morning glories are growing

and gogosari are in bloom

and so are the Alpine strawberries

and the raspberry still thrives.

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It happened suddenly – although the stunted growth I noticed for a week or so

and the one from the garden

Flowers are falling too

I found a board that discusses it

I picked 3 remedies: cigarettes, a rusty nail (scissors in one as I ran out of rusty nails) and basil. Oh, I fed them nitrogen too

Did all of them, Will I be able to save them? stay tuned

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Summer came last night so we celebrated it in the garden

There was music

There was food

There was another rat

There was a balloon to write our wishes on

Which flew away when we least expected

Happy Solstice!

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Diary of the giant tomatoes

I am still unsure that they are even tomatoes, let alone that they’ll ever be giant. But since they are alive, I’ll chronicle their growth

3 days after planting – in the garden

and a week in the garden

and on the roof

mWeek three

The roof plant
<!– –>

and the downstairs one – which was lingering until I brought it upstairs
<!– –>

.The upstairs one has flowers already – in 3 weeks!
<!– –>

more later

4 weeks later

Many flowers for the big ons
<!– –>

and some growth for the little one

the following week after lack of nutrition/verticilium/nematodes

let’s hope I’ll have good news in the future or this is the last entry…

Day 2 of the treatment – yellowing continues

tips still healthy looking

The big plant is alive, but all the flowers fell (still blooming though)

I hold some hope for the small plant :

We’ll see

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Downstairs : a second flower came from the mystery plant

which is climbing magnificently

And a second wild strawberry is about to ripen – with many more to come:


The first flower of the giant tomato is opening – it is big!

The first Morning glory (the random one) is climbing!

and the tomatoes comin six and counting
<!– –>

downstairs I haven’t even seen one tomato flower anywhere – nope. I was wrong about that one! Alex & Simnia’s tomatoes have 2 flowers – and look great!


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7 days without vandalism…

The first wild strawberry is ripe!

and I had it today
<!– –>

while, hoping for a miracle, I took the last amber of life of the raspberry (turns out it was a clone, not the original plant) and moved it upstairs. Who knows what a lot of sun and love can accomplish?

The orphan plant from the compost has its first bloom – I’ll photograph it in the morning again when it’s open
<!– –>

and upstairs, the morning glories started climbing.

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In only a few weeks – a new garden emerged

It’s only the beginning, the morning glories are just popping up

(row behind the big pots)

But my giant tomato already has buds 0 in the thirs week since I planted the seedling
<!– –>

.The little one – which was dying downstairs – found new life here
<!– –>

..and the alpine strawberries thrive as well

Life is good!

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