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The first of the Annual “beyond the refrigerator kids art exhibit was a success!

The kids brought in beautiful pieces
<!– –>

the artists proud of their work
<!– –>

.started working on their future pieces
<!– –>

At the end, everyone took their artwork home

and will return next year!

The party was our best ever yet surpassing even the Halloween party in attendance and fun!

Gardeners, poets, the little artists and their parents, musicians and pets

gathered in the garden today
<!– –>

There were invited guests
<!– –>
<!– –>

and uninvited ones

which were contained by Everett and escorted away by Ryan

before Knowser would take matters into his paws

There was singing

and dancing
<!– –>
<!– –>

and fun for big and small

And from what I’m told, it’s still going on!

For links to the over 100 photos go here then continue to the next albums




and here


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As I was watering the plot, 8:30 in the morning, I felt a tug on my shoulder. I turned, convinced it’s the neigbors’ climbing rose again and found myself exchanging glances with one of our robins.

“Is your family OK?” I found myself thinking – after the trauma of the tree pruning.

“Blink” answered the robin, then flew away. I wonder now – was it the mother or one of the babies?

cartoon bird animation quacking duck

parrots06(all the birds I found as gifs)

and a photo

Little Jenny Wren fell sick,
Upon a time;
In came Robin Redbreast
And brought her cake and wine

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Today’s beauties

This time a year one needs to look carefully for them

but then you’ll find them

in the most unlikely places

Some are easier to see

some require a closer look

some are obvious

some are tricky

and some surprising


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It used to look like this

and now it looks like this

this morning pruning day 2 started like this:

and ended like this

with the missing parts being mulched in a chipper to the delight of all men in the neighborhood

the Japanese poplar was also trimmed

and the nest with the 4 babies on the left side of the tree was spared (it’s probably why we have many more branches left on that side). After yesterday’ pruning, the mother returned, let’s hope that it will stay so after another scary day for the bird family. We believe they may be our robins.

….(where the darker spot is)

The entire operation was swift and fascinating as it was heartbreaking. The tree cutters were perfectly choreographed – catching the big branches coming from above and removing them from the garden.

The tree cutter up above was executing Tarzan like glides on a rope tirelessly for hours

to the admiration of the gawkers down bellow

It was a memorable, bittersweet event – let’s hope the tree will recover and be better for it.

Hello sun for our garden! But good bye to views like this one:

The rest of the 50 something photos are here – the last 2 albums starting here and ending here.

The end

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Charles brought the fish outdoors on this rainy day

Maya opened the plastic bag

petted them good bye

and off they went

while some of us planted eggplant in the rain

..Also, my admiration for Alex and Simnia who kept the garden open today – even if it rained some of the time. That’s dedication!

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<!– –>

.in anticipation of Memorial Day
<!– –>
<!– –>

Janet painted a tray

and…this guy made a one day trip from Boston – just to see me:

<!– –>

The garden rocks!

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The stars of the show are of course the peonies

– but a careful look reveals more

and more
<!– –>

and more

<!– –>

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