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The lilac is in bloom!

The cold spell is taking hold – keeping gardeners out and seedlings in…But life in the garden goes on. Most of the bloom in the trees is gone now – with only the cherry blossom still showing.

But it’s time for the lilac in all it’s glory! I am glad Fran made sure I didn’t miss this:

Newsflash! Tulips aren’t too fussy about the light! Look at that:

so, for those of you with not enough sun on your plots – another option opened.

Is that azalea by the pond? Says on it it’s a prize winning one

Anyway, the garden is still radiant – needs to be seen.

..The rest of today’s photos are here


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The weather changed – about 20 degrees colder and it rained this morning.

The trees are starting to lose their blossom

but we have the lilac now!

Leslie and Charles put together the cold frame (swords into plowshares and all that)

under Knowser’s careful supervision

and we all moved it by the eastern wall – for now.

It’s quite easy to move, BTW.

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Another empty trip to the farmers’ market today – “too early” I was told by the growers. can’t argue with that. I am missing them. So I bought a little purple flower called Lara – same color, and a blue sage – the flowers resemble in shape a bit Angel face.

I check the magickal properties – it’s a healing plant.

Carolyn filled the drums today I am told. Great job – although it will rain tomorrow I think.

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Gardeners and their goals

A little competition humor from Rock Garden comics by Pat Jones


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No, no one is fighting, nor is baseball being played…Actual slugs eating my seedlings – and my wild strawberries too! Maya saw one recently and Fran noticed their handiwork too!

Adding a Rock Garden toon about slugs:
Posted Image

So, I remember what worked the last time and surrounded my plants with sand

It’s either that or have Maya write them again (“Dear slugs, please stay away from the raspberry or my mom will put poison. You can have the letuce” – just read that it’s been done this way in the ancient Greece – maybe I’ll get her to write again)

dedicated gardeners at it

rest of today’s shots are here

more blossom

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Today’s beauties

The garden is celebrating Earth Day

with glorious cherry blossom

and the crab apple tree is a beaut too!

Don’t miss these sights!

Around the witch’s globe

The purple tulips finally bloomed – fewer and smaller every year. I planted more gogosar seedlings.

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